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tv   Fox 46 News  FOX  March 12, 2016 1:00am-2:00am EST

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tonight here wired local beer makers are speaking out at about that north carolina law that -- then batter up we went to d.c. to the team of baseball players that had a grand slam today scoring some new gear for the upcoming season. and parents listen up. tonight a frightening chain of events you need to know about. where neighbors say they caught the driver allegedly preying on children and tried to lure them into his car. who you need to be on the lookout for. good evening and thank you for joining us. i'm emily collins and tonight for jenna caiazzo. first on fox, good news the springlike temperatures are expected to continue.
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way however we could could use a dataset over to amanda cox for a first look at your forecasts. >> we are looking at rain coming into the region but it looks like it will be spotty until he get towards the end of the weekend as we get into the start of this next week to a bigger storm system starts storm system stores the command. you you see this area of low pressure to the south and west pouring moisture and from the gulf but right now we have a frontal boundary stalled out nearby. apple will keep a shower and keep a sharp forecast overnight as well as tomorrow. the storm system comes in much more rain possible. most of us in the 60s, comfortable evening across the area. temperatures not going to drop off too far far. we'll see the 50s and 60s were overnight lows mostly cloudy with a shower to possible not a washout by any means. i will be the case on saturday with a high of 72 as they move into sunday that's where the storm system starts the command rate some of that rain may be heavy at times especially late sunday, sunday night but the
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north and east things dry up early on in the week. emily: the weather video you saw submitted by a viewer and they got paid for it. you can as well. "fox 46 news" partnered with fresco in iphone app that lets you be a citizen journalist but all you have to do is download the fresco app and when you see news, shoot it and let us know. except in a a simon near you and upload your footage. if the user video on the air you get paid 50 it's as simple as that. craft brewers are teaming up to take on big bear a movement they have coined craft freedom and it's an effort to change long-standing north carolina law. tonight the group met to come up with a game plan. charlotte's up-and-coming brewery scene is refusing to let anything stand in sway. a state law that limits microbreweries to the production
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that is unless they go through distributors. >> it means we'll be sending our money to breweries in other parts of the country supposed to sending the money to local breweries were it gets reinvested. emily john reynosa founder of the mecklenburg array. can the founders and several other breweries are leading the charge in the fight against this law. >> where personal about our beer. >> co-founder todd forbes says they end old state why. their opponent is macrobrewers like but wiser, companies ford says they can't compete with. but a bigger size of a good distributor they have a little bit of our leverage to make sure their products will be hample properly.
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breweries sales and distribution departments would have to be laid off. forbes says investment in option for him or moreno and they want to see more and not out of the city's craft beer scene. >> we can continue to grow and create jobs locally in a virtuous investment cycle into the economy. emily: as part is the craft freedom movement these breweries are asking they given the choice to ask if and when they work with the distributor instead of being forced to. new at 10 -- this happen before 8:30 at the intersection of wilkinson boulevard and west morehead st. rate according to medics the bus was not fault. two people were taken to cmc with potentially life-threatening injuries. three others were taken to the hospital and treated for minor injuries. also new at 10 officials say a
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for possibly exposing two people to rabies. this happened on march 8 in the an area of spartanburg county but according to the department of health and environmental control this gunfight with the victims dogs. the victims may have been exposed to the skunk's fresh saliva when they got the dogs away from this gun. the skunk tested positive for rabies on march 9 to the dogs are undergoing a 45 day quarantine. this is the first animal in the county to test positive for rabies this year. the county animal control officers on paid leave in a to determine how it style was broke and at the rowan county county animal shelter. the cat named cooper is that the home of his foster mom are covering after multiple surgeries to fix his broken job. a woman who runs a cat rescue group went to pick kubera from the county shelter and discovered his injury. >> there was a lot of blood and i asked what happened to the
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gotten loose getting him out and into the carrier. he filed them a little bit. >> here's what's happening now the state department of agriculture is looking into what happened to find out if there are violations that could result in civil penalties for the individual officer at a shelter as a whole. they suspect -- they would work with local law enforcement on the case. the rowan county manager released a statement saying in part quote rowan county is deeply saddened to hear that animal received injuries while at our shelter. it has been determined that the injury occurred while the animal is in our care based on the information we have. all new at 10 police are for a man accused of approaching young girls in gastonia. people in the area say it's been happening for a few days now and it's left neighbors on edge.
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us now with more on what they had to say. hi ashley. >> ab who lived in the area say they believe the man was trying to lure these young girls to his car. one neighbor even catching the man on camera. people are banding together looking over their shoulders and helping this man is caught before anything else happens. >> a scary week for people who live the normally quiet area of gastonia near global street. neighbors say suspicious man has been seen driving up and down the streets even stopping at times. some saying he tried to lure young girls into his car. the man was first seen on goble street earlier in the week and begin reporting acting in a similar way on thursday. c. diff this neighborhood is pretty quiet and we don't see a lot of people that walk through here. we usually see them all the time
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neighborhood. >> amana supportively seen approaching a 12-year-old grow on her bike on goble street neighbors catching it all. deborah mcgill a worried mother said he fit the description of the man who came to her door that same night. >> someone rang the doorbell and he was ringing it continuously and i just walked over to the door and asked who it was and he said something in spanish. i was like i don't know anyone by that name. i was kind of scared so i yelled at him and it just got quiet. he didn't say anything else and the next thing my daughter stockard driving off. neighbors say the man was driving a black dodge car with black rims. people who live in gastonia say there are on high alert. >> one of the buses stops appear
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sure that i meet her or drive up there or something to get her. i don't have to worry about something like that happening to her. it gives me the creeps. >> for now mcgill says she's taking every safety precaution to keep her and her family safe. >> there's no telling what he is capable of. anyone with information is asked to contact guesting county police department. emily: thank you ashley pays students are staying home from school but not for the usual reasons good charlotte-mecklenburg schoolteachers tell us there with their abutment students have stopped coming to class or fear of deportation. this is happening after a fellow student arrested by immigration officers near a school bus stop. more recently to myers park high school students have all but disappeared to. >> immigration officers around the bus stop and they stopped to
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other student standing there. >> it's a sad situation having an 18-year-old or a 16-year-old who warned of openness but until somebody figures out a solution in my opinion everybody is going to go back. >> we spoke with immigration and customs enforcement they say students are top priority for deportation. if they were arrested at the border more are recent arrivals but they don't want to create routes in the u.s.. as it stands now immigration enforcement says it has not and will not as a matter of policymaker rests at schools or bus stops. a neighborhood in southwest charlotte spend more than 20 hours without water did it started thursday afternoon the staple chase neighborhood after work crews installing fiber rupture waterline. more than 250 homes were affected. residents say gallons of water were spilling onto the street. >> it was going down the street and people were splashing like a speed boat.
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was replacing the ruptured pipe but after getting underground they noticed the issue was much worse than expected. water service was finally restored around noon. a big day for bernie sanders here in the tar heel state holding rallies in the capital ahead of next tuesday's primary. more than 5000 people packed the duke energy center for performing arts to hear the senator speak. former rnc chair and current hawaii congresswoman tozzi gabbard flew in for the event and sanders introduction to the democratic candidate continued to preach the underdog like growth of his campaign. >> now when we begin our campaign 10 months ago but the pundits and the media said well- bernie sanders interesting a nice guy how becomes his hair
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kind of a dresser. but despite those attributes you know he is not really between you and me a serious candidate for president. well, a lot has happened in the last 10 months. bernie is trying to gain ground after losing majority of the southern states that the party had their primaries. while this weekend it with a bang but they focus on bernie at the queen city visit by democratic candidate hillary clinton. clinton announcing she plans to hold a rally in charlotte on monday that the former secretary of state will speak around 7:30 inside the brady cole center. clinton just let the tar heel state so she could attend nancy reagan's funeral according to the latest polls clinton holds a slight lead over bernie sanders in the north carolina primary race.
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hitting the field and style. find out how a big rock sports story made that happen. but governor nikki haley extirpating known about hillary clinton. hear what she had to say coming up. donald trump gets a key endorsement from a onetime rival just days before the big delegate showdown. that story is coming up a little later in the show. in the battle of burgers... ...jack made a declaration of delicious with the doublejack combo.
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emily: good evening welcome back. relatively quite across the region but we are keeping an eye in a frontal boundary that stalled out in the area to the south and the storm system to the west that has a lot of moisture with it is being funneled northward coming out of the gulf. that'soing to be affecting our areas later on in the week and we will talk about that in a minute. temperatures all in the 60s for the most part heading to 60 degrees for an overnight low so we will call it a decent 60s for a lowe's read mostly cloudy skies and a few showers possible. most of the activity will be on the hit or miss side but it does look like there may be activity coming through from time to time overnight and throughout the course the day tomorrow. we are not expecting a washout by any means they do have your activity will hold off until later on in the day on sunday for a saturday high temperatures into the lower 70s. the winds out of the east southeast and it's going to be a decent day. a lot of cloud cover up or had a couple of showers here and there
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towards the great lakes eventually ringing a cold front through the area and because of that we expect to see a good amount of rain coming in later in the day on sunday, sunday night and as we head into monday showers with a couple of thunderstorms mixed in from time to time before the storm system pulls off to the north and east allowing us to tryout as we head into tuesday. notice we don't expect to see a ton. most of us around a half an inch may be up to an inch and some some of those heavier spots another time over the next couple of days. also before you head to bed on saturday and move your clock forward one hour. daylight savings time does resume at 2:00 a.m. on sunday morning. here's morning. here's a look at in the forecast. temperatures fall back to the lower 70s over the weekend with wet weather riding. keep the umbrellas handy until the start of the weekend tuesday wednesday teachers -- temperatures hover to the 80-degree mark heading into the middle part of the week and as
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dutiful whether for your st. patrick's day, lots of sunshine and a high temperature of 73. emily: thank you amanda. all new attend a team of school baseball players get a grand slam today when they scored some new gear for the upcoming season. the sports equipment company missed a note partnered with sporting goods to donate $5000 for the bats and gloves to the mt. holly baseball team. kevin machek was there as the hawks checked out their equipment to. >> we are all very excited to present you guys with a new ball glove batting gloves. samantha sports equipment company gave i $000 worth of gear to a team of 16 middle school baseball players. their reaction in a word. >> we think it's important to make sure athletes have the gear they need to help them play better, have fun build
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coach at mt. holly baseball team and the school's athletic director. this is the overwhelming -- staff and parents especially at a low-income school. >> i try to do everything i can to provide our students with the equipment that they need. it's very important. they enjoy getting this stuff. >> the employees also help the kids get their gloves steamed which loses that the leather making it easier to catch. >> you don't suspend as much time as you normally would breaking in the glove. while it may be quite obvious they are leaving with great new gear they are also walking away with so much more. >> at the end of the day the ball glove but there are so many life lessons that come from
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>> like readerships setting and achieving goals and teamwork all rings the coach is happy the kids can continue to learn thanks to efforts like this. >> a lot of these guys, this is something good for them that they need. in charlotte kevin machek fox 46 wjzy. see b the team the mt. holly hawks will take to the field in their new gear for their first game on march 24. roll reversal after a lot of back and forth to the federal appeals court has reversed his decision to ban the choose life license plate and will allow it on cars. originally it was not to be offered to drivers because judges felt it was unfair to offer it without another plate displaying an opposing message. the controversial play promotes news against abortion. the north carolina aclu has been blasting the ruling saying it's quote disappointing. new jobs are on the way to fort mills. south carolina governor nikki
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of 600 jobs at movement mortgage today. while she may have been there to champion the new jobs created she didn't shy away from talking politics even though she has had issues with donald trump she met it clear she won't skip lines especially for hillary. >> i will support the republican nominee in the end. the end of the day i'm not going to vote for hillary clinton. you've got somebody who is literally possibly under indictment. i'm not in any way going to support anything she may do with the court in anything she may do as she's done with secretary -- secretary. any one of our republican candidates would be better. x. carolina panther casey crawford along with toby harris cut the ribbon on movement mortgage is 22 million-dollar headquarters to the two have built the fastest growing private private mortgage company
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be building and he expects growth for years to come. >> we are two years ahead of schedule for expansion so we plan to create three and didn't 62 jobs over three years. we do have more real estate. movement says they will be hiring the best in all aspects from accounting to marketing to legal. more to come including a major honor for the queen city. coming up i doubt about the new program charlotte has been inducted into to make the city shine brighter. plus bank of america has been handing out pink slips left and
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emily: the queen city is part of the one largest projects in america taking part in the what works cities initiative to the project brings different cities together in order to trade data ideas and stories to better the government and committee. also does a ton of good and the community by putting on different events per charlotte joins 26 other cities including raleigh in the venture. it's no secret that charlotte is the biggest bank is downsizing but now bank of america has confirmed their recent round of job cuts will be affecting those in the queen city. a spokesperson for the company telling the charlotte observer that another round of cuts earmarks employees to get laid off. bank of america wouldn't say which departments were affected. this is in the first time charlotte-based employees have been cut. over the past month local workers in mortgage incorporated indications have been let go as bma streamlines its plans. those jobs are on the way out carr -- carr's are bringing jobs in.
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attention to its four locations in its part of carr's hiring initiative and hiring 1600 people from various positions across the country anything from sales to service to office manager positions need to be filled. carmax wraps a domain experience interview. nestle say some of the products made of glass in them. the company is recalling dish or no link between its covers products. as we believe the common product is finished. the sure no pizza lean cuisine pizzas and raviolis raviolis also stauffer's lasagna sans souffles. nestle said so far no injuries have been reported before a full list of the affected products visit nestle if you have got to app snapchat chances are you've said in front of your phone screen trying to video filters.
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mark sticker breading company said they bought selfie altering start of firm masquerade to keep up with the trend. this after snapchat refuse to sell to the social network even when it's 3 billion-dollar offer up much like snapshot allows users to place filters out on their selfies. former first lady nancy reagan is laid to rest. we will show you who is there to
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have a look at your forec (vo) with thousands of quality pre-owned vehicles... and exceptional customer service, head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone...
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emily: recapping our top stories tonight local craft brewers are teaming up to take on big ear. that movement they have coined craft freedom and it's an effort to change long-standing north carolina law which limits microbreweries to the production of 25,000 barrels a year and less working with a distributor. tonight the group met for the first time to come up with the game plan. these breweries are asking they are given the choice to decide if and when they work with a distributor instead of being forced to. the county animal control officer is on paid leave in a state investigation is underway to determine how a cat's job was broken at the rowan county animal shelter. the named cooper is that the home of his foster mom recovering after multiple surgeries to fix his broken job.
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agriculture's looking into what happened to find out if there are any violations that could result in several penalties for the individual officer for the shelter as a whole. if they suspect there's anything criminal they would work with local law enforcement on the case. police are searching for a man accused of approaching young girls in gastonia to people in the area say it's been happening for a few days now and neighbors are on edge near goble street and clunker avenue. neighbors say a suspicious man has been seen driving up and down the streets slowly even stopping at times. some say he has tried to lure young girls and discard paid the man was first seen early in the week and again reportdly acting in a similar way on thursday. neighbors surveillance cameras catching the man's car on the street today say the man was driving a black dodge car with black rims. a kinder gentler donald trump who is calling on republicans to in his words be smart and
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last night turning a debate in florida trump is on most of piecing at times as he and his three remaining rivals head into the last weekend before the primaries. "fox news" chief political correspondent carl cameron is on top of it at big cypress national preserve. following a relatively tame debate in miami fanned out across the country to the various states. at a jewish synagogue in west palm beach marco rubio emphasizes commitment to israel and don't trust refusal to take sides between the jewish state and its enemies in the front-runners lack of foreign-policy understanding. >> mr. trump perhaps does not understand his position is in fact anti-israeli. i do not believe that is his intent but that's the practical implications of what donald trump says his position is. >> rubio said he has no intention of joining forces with ted cruz against donald trump.
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in ohio should vote for casey to stop the front-runner. a voter who doesn't want donald trump to win ohio may be -- the best way to stop them is to vote for john casey can i respect that. kasich group couldn't wait to -- ted cruz held a rally with carly fiorina and slam trump for having no solutions to the nations and world problems. >> the dolls perspective is government's answer to everything whatever problem is we need more government and its every issue. he doesn't disagree with obama and hillary on substance. cruz is backing they magazine national review. former rival ben carson endorsed trump this afternoon. today the retired physician diagnosed trump is having more than one persona. >> are two different donald trump's.
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stage and there's the one who is very cerebral. that's what donald trump you are going to start seeing more and more of right now. it didn't happen last night as trump struggled with policy questions repeatedly falling back on promises to make deals. >> so far i cannot believe thus it was spent here. trumps rivals pull their punches at him and one another last night. i'm not interested in being late greg, i'm interested in being correct. >> there are only two of us that the path to winning the nomination donald and myself. >> our country is in serious trouble. >> i would be running for president croatia putin have immigration. on the sidelines of the debate one thing became clear the republican national committee has been planning and preparing for what they consider to be the likelihood of a contested -- carl cameron "fox news." emily. emily: a massive rally in chicago leads to the
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thousands of protesters and supporters on the campus of the university of illinois. many heated exchanges can be seen between both sides. an estimated five to 7000 trump supporters were inside the pavilion by 5:00 p.m. read both sides putting up your here spite, many escalating so quickly if forced the cancellation of the event. it's time now for a check of your weather. let's head over to amanda cox to the springlike temperatures are going to continue. >> we have seen very warm conditions across the area. we got into the 80s today. this weekend we are only going to be in the lower 70s but it is still going to be above average for the time of year. 81 this afternoo after starting at 58 earlier this morning. looks like we will see a good amount of moisture being pushed into the atmosphere as we roll through the weekend the right now cloud cover or head. a couple of showers not expecting a whole lot that it does look like most of the
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miss as we make our way through maybe the next 36 hours as we get into the second half of the weekend. things will change because of this low pressure system. the frontal boundary lift to the north and the low continues to slide to the north and east as well. as that happens the moisture will be pushing for atmosphere. we will see a good amount rain coming in later on sunday, sunday night and into the day on monday. 69 degrees, degrees. just a couple of showers here and there most of the time relatively quiet 50's and 60s for overnight lows. notice on the future satellite and radar most of the activity is going to be out of the picture so not a washout by any means to start up the weekend. as we head into the second half have the potential for the system to lift towards the great lakes eventually bringing a cold front through the area. we are going to see maybe from some thunderstorms mixed in. we'll have to have your rain
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being said we only expect to see around a half an inch, maybe of an inch in a few places for most of the area. that's all the way through monday. that's not a sure period of time. it's not going to add up quickly and a good portion should be quiet. you can see we are an inch and a quarter below-average and that's from the beginning of the year. since march 1 we have only seen not even a half an inch so it's month. all of this rain we are getting even though it's not great for outdoor activities is much temperatures in the 70s for the next couple of days in his b.a. close to the 80-degree mark part of the week in right now will be beautiful for your st. patrick's day. emily: thank you manda. in other parts of the country emergency crews and county roads and bridges.
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plow through the area. town officials have closed many roadways due to flooding and believe the damage won't be fixed any time soon due to more rain on the way pretty officials from the department of transportation say they have to inspect and document all of the damage before any repairs can be made great. >> we have washed out all over the country. more storms are expected to hit the area on monday. get them while they're hot. tickets for this years speed street are officially on sale. chris young and montgomery gentry will play for crowds on may 27 while the band. and albemarle native kelly pickler will rock uptown the following day. tickets cost $15. we are expecting an announcement from speed street. about who will play on may 26. speed street is a family friend. cursor to the coca-cola 600.
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spending two top leaders on the board of the wounded warrior project or al. statement from the wounded warrior project says ceo steve nardezzi and see alger o'donnell are no longer with the organization. reports into the leadership of nardizzi the charity had been spending 40 to 50% of its money on overhead rate the spending reportedly included travel and extravagant parties. one former employee said spooning it though -- spending at the woodwork project is what the military would call fraud waste and abuse. accusations of animal cruelty are swirling tonight around someone you might never expect. doug whisperer caesar milan currently under investigation. several news sources reporting officers visited milan's animal training facility in santa clara california stemming from a recent episode of milan show ceasar 911. in a delight it was used in a training session with a dog who
1:40 am
the dog bit the pigs ear drying blood. the broadcaster to show said the segment caused some concern for viewers but those viewers didn't understand the full context. also work tonight the fight is far from over when it comes to the networks of plus size model ashley graham and lane bryant. graham participated in this body campaign to soap so far abc and nbc are deciding not to go with the ad. according to "people" magazine mbc issued a statement to people saying they requested minor edits to comply with broadcast indecency and they welcome a new cut. abc did not respond. the question, what is the difference between this ad and a victoria's secret ad? if you have kids who play football this enough. pop warner has settled its first major lawsuit over use concussions. documents show the matter
1:41 am
mother of a wisconsin man committing suicide because of injuries that stayed in the league. terms weren't disclosed but the woman deborah pico was seeking $5 million. footballing concussions and then there headlines as of late because of new discoveries with cte are brain dead during commission -- condition caused by head trauma. former first lady nancy reagan was laid to rest today next to her husband president ronald reagan. 1005 gas in the apparatus are one of politics and entertainment at the ronald reagan presidential library in simi valley california where mrs. reagan will be resided with her husband in the gravesite they designed as a shared family resting place. journalist diane sawyer and tom brokaw and ronald reagan former chief of staff james baker reading scripture for speaking during the service. >> we gather here today to say goodbye to nancy davis reagan, a
1:42 am
woman, a woman who captured the heart of a man who loves his craft, his country and his countrymen and most especially love to this remarkable woman. emily: mrs. reagan died march 6 issue is 94 job. to top measures taking the fight to the zika virus to the capital. experts say zeke is coming to the u.s. and congress needs to free up money to pay for the fight. there you are requesting a whopping $9 billion to help keep the illness that they bury meanwhile the virus has hit puerto rico where it's gotten so bad health officials have started handing out mosquito screen dimmer pond. free money. now that we have your attention listen to this. the irs says it still has $1 billion in refunds to give out from the 2012 tax taxis in. the agency says more tan a million people still haven't
1:43 am
federal law gives most taxpayers a three-year window to claim an irs refund which means if he didn't file your return for 2012 you only have until april 18. any money not claimed in time both go into the u.s. treasury. josh we could all use them free >> i love free money. weekend. back to the acc title game for north carolina.
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dame plus >> welcome back to the charlotte hornets are red-hot and showing no signs of slowing down. winners of six in a row 12 of their last 14 twelfths by rocketing up the eastern conference standings to the fifth spot after tonight's game against the pistons bridge road taking a season series against detroit with an all-around effort on the team at time warner cable arena. the ball movement leads to a wide-open 3a wide-open three from martin williams. he led the team with 22 through the end of the first quarter. kemba walker has been so huge in the stretch. he gets to the rem was 6069 i for him but under the second quarter courtney lee w wh his best game since coming to the team gets a jumper in the foul 50 m. and i for him. third-quarter morgue grade ball movement kemba to nick batum. how about this starter for charlotte.
1:46 am
win again 118 out of 103. >> we knew was going to be a big-time game. we want to protect our home court and we did it tonight. >> marvin said the hornets back in action to run against the houston rockets. to college with the north carolina looking get to get back to the acc title game for the third time in the last six years. they have to get through a notre dame team that not only beat them in the conference championship game last year but the last three meetings. the tar heels would not -- in the nation's capital first half of this one marcus page gets room and knocks down three. moments later added again. when you are high at your high. you just keep on shooting page
1:47 am
joel barry beating the buzzer with three. tar heels closing the half on an 18-2 run and never looking back winning 78 hattan 47 to advance to the seed c. championship game. >> we are getting better grade that's a safe answer but we didn't play great offensively. we shot 43% but our defense is picking. we turned the corner defensively these past several weeks. doing a better job on the back boards and not letting teams how workers. the acc championship game tomorrow night at 9:00 and unc will take on the winner of the miami for jenny game going on now. quarterfinal round of the atlantic 10 tournament davis and inaction against saint bonaventure. davis and trails 67-63 nascar rolls into phoenix this weekend.
1:48 am
sunday at 3:30 at phoenix international raceway. kyle bush will be on the pole for sunday's race after posting the fastest time during qualifying tonight to this is bush's first polling of the season and dirt at the ehrsam attack. joe gibbs racing luck of the top three stops with denny hamlin qualifying third. race winner kevin harvick qualified a team that's surprising for a man who has ruled the track in phoenix the number four chevy driver has won five of the last seven races at the one mile track in overall has a wreck or seven wins in arizona. >> it's obviously been a great racetrack or me personally but for the last two years stewart hasan racing has been phenomenal phenomenal. i won three of four races and got beat by the rain a muslim but all in all this in all it's been fun to come here space i feel like we have had good showings here coming to this
1:49 am
number one pick. i think we are closing the gap some. >> a good sam 500 sunday at 3:30. before that makes sure you'd tune and tour "around the track" or half-hour prerace show from 2:30 to 3:00 and get you ready with features analysis and guest drivers. adam scott the world's hottest player on the pga tour and sixth-ranked offer in the world has committed to play in the wells fargo championship at quail hollow in charlotte in may but it's got on the last two events on the pga tour. returning for the eighth time
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the wells fargo beetlejuice fans have something to look forward to and kiefer southerland is releasing an album. william largenesse has those stories and more in the hollywood nation. kiefer rocks, dempsey quits and beetlejuice returns to the hollywood nation. after years of rumors a beetlejuice sequel is on the way. ergen told showbiz that the script is in. winona ryder and michael keaton are on board and the movie has been pre--- by warner brothers.
1:53 am
brakes on his career as a professional racecar driver. in a statement released by his team's web site the 50-year-old actor said he is taking a step back to focus on his family and acting career. dempsey will remain co-owner of dempsey proton bracing. rock group daughtry has released a music video for their new single torches. the track is off the greatest hits album. lead singer and "american idol" albums chris daughtry can also be seen playing the disciple judas in fox's the passion life airing march 20. kiefer southerland can sing. the 20 four-star who released his first album down in the hole the summer paid southern who performed his songs during a 26 city tour beginning april 14 in milwaukee.
1:54 am
"fox news." emily: the chair of harry potter's going on the auction block. this was jk rawlings seven while she wrote the first two books in the harry potter series. it was on of four mismatched chairs given to rawlings to read her humble flat in edinburgh scotland. now that chair is set to go on the auction block in new york city on april 6 with an opening bid of $45,000. >> what is so special about this chairs that she donated it to and they sold it but before she did that she decorated it with words from the book as well as i wrote harry potter sitting in this chair. before donating the chair to charity rawlings painted the words you may not find me pretty on the chair. we'll be right back with the final look at your accuweather
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hundreds of dolphins are caught on camera jumping in and out of the water in california. well watchers of a poured a catamaran recorded this video pretty was taken thursday off at dana point in orange county. a phenomenon known as a dolphin stampede. experts say it happens without
1:58 am
reason ... help the dolphins travel more quickly because there is less resistance and air than water. amanda i guess you learn something new everyday. >> that's quite amazing. i would love to see that. emily: dolphins are amazing animals. >> let's take a final at the weather. we expect to 60 degrees for an overnight low so we will stay on the mild side with cloudy skies and a few showers possible. it looks like it will be a a smooth start to the day tomorrow tomorrow however expect to see couple showers heading to the weekend. one thing we want to remind you daylight savings time resumes this weekend so set your clocks forward one hour before you head to bed on saturday night. starts at 2:00 a.m. and he don't want to be late for anything you have to do sunday morning. as a look at your extended forecast. we might get to it if it doesn't skip over. 80 degrees by wednesday. that's my favorite day because
1:59 am
80 degrees. emily: the 70s have been pretty nice. yesterday and today. that is our time.
2:00 am
paid presentation for cize, brought to you by beachbody. this is the end of exercise. >> get ready to cize it up. [ beat drops ] [ people cheering ] are you ready to dance? 5, 6, 7, 8! >> on my way in i'ma take it >> stop exercising, people. it's time to start dancing. welcome to cize. >> announcer: cize is the all-new dance workout program that's gonna make losing weight fun and easy. >> to me, it's not even exercise because i don't want to stop. >> announcer: it's simple -- dance, have fun, and get awesome results. >> it's just like one big party turns on. it's so empowering. >> i spent many years of torturous exercises. cize, 45 pounds down easy. >> it's just fun. i think that that's the key, is that it doesn't feel like work. >> exercise is something you have to do. cize is something you'll want to do. you won't believe what 30 days


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